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After the Sewol - The Sewol Generation.


After the Sewol is a 3 part feature documentary looking at the tragic Sewol ferry disaster that happened back in 2014.

The first film, After the Sewol was completed in April 2016 and has already picked up several awards at film festivals around the world.

It has it's US premiere at the 40th Asian American International Film Festival on the 5th August.

We are currently in talks with various distributors about the film as well as in production of the 2nd film, After the Sewol - The Sewol Generation.

For more information on the films you can check out the website and facebook pages below.


Can history show us what might happen in the future?

Will the Sewol generation change the face of South Korea and bring about some much needed change?

Will the truth finally be revealed about the missing 7 hours of the Park Geun Hye, the first President to ever be impeached?

Will the raising of the sunken Sewol ferry reveal the truth about the accident, hidden for so long? Will the families finally be able to put their loved ones to rest, and then allow themselves time to finally grieve after their endless struggles and never ending battles with an ever oppressive government hell bent on hiding facts.

This film will continue where AFTER THE SEWOL left off, exploring the ever changing faces of South Korea through the eyes of Neil George and Matthew Root, two British filmmakers living in Korea. They continue to follow the Sewol victims’ families and other activists who have never given up fighting to make their country a safer and better place to live in and as they strive for justice and hunt for the truths about the deaths of their children and loved ones, all whilst battling against the Government and struggling to still come to terms with their loses.

The film will also explore more of Korea’s modern history, in order to find out what brought them to this huge defining point in their history. Will the President impeachment last? Will the Chaebols continue to rule? Will the silent majority continue to hold power over a young, fresh and vibrant generation all of whom are fighting for change in what appears to be a broken system?

Official poster The official poster was released in May 2017.